Day 3, 7am - 10am

The hotel - 10 points

Look at the folder on the small coffee table. (2 points)
Take the keys to the Harley. (2 points)
Use the key you got from Mosley last night and go into his room. (2 points)
Move his clothes around. (4 points)
(586 points so far)

Rennes-le-Château - 5 points

Read the Leo part of Le Serpent Rouge.
Go to the museum. Look at the postcards.
You can turn the stand by clicking on the box where you put money, and choose the turn icon.
Buy 'Les Bergeres d'Arcadie'. (1 point)
Buy 'St. Anthony and St. Paul'. (1 point)
Buy 'The temptation of St. Anthony.' (1 point)
Go to the bikeshop. 'Borrow' a pair of binoculars from the bike of Lady Howard and Estelle. (2 points)
(591 points so far)

The hotel - 19 points

Use the computer.
Scan 'Les Bergeres d'Arcadie'. (1 point)
Scan 'St. Anthony and St. Paul'. (1 point)
Scan 'The temptation of St. Anthony.' (1 point)
Open the file 'Poussin' and analyse it.
View geometry. (2 points)
Zoom and clarify. (2 points)
Analyse the file teniers_2.
View geometry.
Zoom and clarify. (2 points)
Translate the text you found in the Poussin painting from Latin to English.
Add the text Emilio wrote ("sum"). (5 points)
Go back to analysing the map.
Put a point at L'Ermitage and another at Poussin's Tomb. Analyse. (5 points)
(610 points so far)

L'Ermitage - 13 points

Go inside the cave. To the left of the opening, there is a note. Take it. (2 points)
Use the 'St. Anthony and St. Paul' postcard on the stones near the cave. (5 points)
Click on the stone, and look at what St. Paul is pointing at. (2 points)
Use the device you borrowed from Mosley to find the coordinates. (2 points)
X marks the spot. Start digging. (2 points)
(623 points so far)

L'Homme Mort - 2 points

Go to L'Homme Mort.
Go talk to Madeline. (2 points)
(625 points so far)

The hotel - 20 points

Go to the hotel and enter the dining room.
Talk to signore Buchelli. (2 points)
Use the computer. Several of these searches can be done by clicking on links in documents you've already found.
Search for Solomon. (1 point)
Search for Temple of Solomon. Take note of the shape; a rectangular shape, 4 times as long as it is wide. (1 point)
Search for Temple Diagram. (2 points)
Search for the Seal of Solomon. (1 point)
Search for hexagram. (1 point)
Search for St. Vincent. (1 point)
Search for soul. (1 point)
Bring up the map again. You need to place four points to form a rectangular shape that is 4 times as long as it is wide. Which means, using the chessboard you have on the map, that it should be either 1x4 or 2x8.
Remember where the center was? L'Ermitage. And he was pointing north east, towards Mt. Cardou.
Pech Cardou is one square south-southwest of Château de Serres. To make a rectangle with L'Ermitage as a center, that includes Pech Cardou, you need it to be a 2x8 rectangle. That also fits with "Sixteeen forms the center, and the center forms sixteen."
Put four points that will be the corners of a rectangle of 2x8 squares, where L'Ermitage is at the center, and the length runs southwest-northeast. (5 points)
In other words, one point on each side of Château de Serres where the circle meets the square in northeast, so that there are two squares between them. The other two points on each side of les Cretes d'Al Pouil where the circle meets the square in the southwest.
Place a hexagram in the map, with its center at L'Ermitage and each point of the star touching the circle. Then turn the hexagram until it click into place. (5 points)
(645 points so far)

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