Day 3, 12pm - 3pm

The hotel - 36 points

Check your mail. You have a new mail. Read it. (2 points)
Bring up the map. Split it according to the mail's description. (4 - 8 - 4 squares) (5 points)
Enter a point at the center of the northern room. (5 points)
Read the Ophiuchus part of Le Serpent Rouge.
Analyse the the file called arcad_txt. Use the anagram parser on it.
You have something else that refers to Arcadia. The painting. Look at it. They are gathered around a tomb, touching it.
Find the words for "tomb" (arcam) and "I touch" (tango). There are not many options left now, so pick one of the words for God (dei). The program will then reshuffle the final letters to find a name in Greek. (20 points)
Read the Sagattarius part of Le Serpent Rouge. North of the house, north, and unwinding, endless by its coil.
In the north center of the map, all the way up at the map's edge, there is a place called Peyrolles. There is a river there forming a loop. Put a point there, and another one at Château de Serres. You might have to put some more points along the river to actually get an update. (5 points) Exit the room, and see Buchelli walk away from Madeline's room and into his own. (2 points)
Go to the dining room and listen in on Lady Howard and Estelle. (2 points)
(727 points so far)

Northeast arm of the hexagram - 2 points

There is a note on the fence. Take it. (2 points)
(729 points so far)

Southwest arm of the hexagram - 11 points

Far off to the left there is a red spot. Go over to it.
It is a red handkerchief. Pick it up. (2 points)
Pull out Mosley's device and use it near where you found the handkerchief. (2 points)
Use the shovel on the place you found. (5 points)
Pick up another paper. (2 points)
(740 points so far)

The site - 6 points

Cross the road and the bridge across the stream.
Take the note on the tree. (2 points)
Use Mosley's device on Grace. (2 points)
You know the drill. Start digging. (2 points)
(746 points so far)

Château de Blanchefort - 5 points

Go up to the viewpoint, and use the binoculars on the red rock. You should see a bike there now. (5 points)
(751 points so far)

Red rock - 4 points

Go all the way around the rock. There is a spot of loose earth. Start digging again. Imagine that... (4 points)
(755 points so far)

Lady Howard and Estelle's site - 2 points

Talk to Estelle about the treasure. (2 points)
(757 points so far)

The hotel - 14 points

If you want, you can also, before you head to the hotel, go to Rennes le Bains to find Gabriel and Mosley hard at work.
Return to the hotel. Talk to prince James. (2 points)
Go to Gabriel's room.
Use the fingerprint kit on the file you dug up. You'll find three new fingerprints.
Get the first print. (2 points)
Get the second print. (2 points)
Get the third print. (2 points)
Scan the first fingerprint. (1 point)
Scan the second fingerprint. (1 point)
Scan the third fingerprint. (1 point)
Match the first fingerprint. (1 points)
Match the second fingerprint. (1 points)
Match the third fingerprint. (1 points)
(771 points so far)

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