Day 3, 3pm - 6pm

The hotel - 28 points

Mosley took the manuscript first. (2 points)
Madeline stole it from Mosley. (2 points)
Buchelli stole it from Madeline. (2 points)
Buchelli buried it. (2 points)
Finish the Poirot-inspired meeting. (20 points)
(799 points so far)

Rennes-le-Château - 8 points

Go up to the top of Tour Magdalan.
Talk to Arnaud.
Ask about the Priory of Sion.
Ask about the treasure. (2 points)
Ask about the excavations. (2 points)
Ask about the throne. (2 points)
Ask about Montreaux. (2 points)
(807 points so far)

Villa Bethania - 8 points

Go to Villa Bethania near the fountain. (2 points)
Ask about viticulture. (2 points)
Ask about the manuscript.
Ask about the negotiations. (2 points)
Ask about the bloodline. (2 points)
Ask about the excavations.
Ask about the Freemasons' treasury.
Ask about the Priory's treasure.
(815 points so far)

Lady Howard and Estelle's site - 2 points

On their bike, in the sidewagon, there is a bottle. Use the fingerprint kit on it. (2 points) (817 points so far)

Gabriel's room - 2 points

Add Estelle's fingerprints to the database. (1 point)
Link Estelle's fingerprint to her file. (1 point)
Talk to Grace if you want.
(819 points so far)

Château de Serres - 9 points

Climb the gate. (5 points)
Go to the garage and hide as the car arrives. (2 points)
Turn on the lights.
Look up in the ceiling. (2 points)
(828 points so far)

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