Day 3, 6pm - 9pm

Gabriel's room - 9 points

Use the computer.
Check your mail.
Read your new mail. (5 points)
Now it is time to try matching the mysterious fingerprint from the museum again. Pick the lsr_print, and compare it to your database. (4 points)
Go out into the corridor and wait for bit, then Emilio exits his room. Follow him.
(837 points so far)

Rennes-le-Château - 10 points

Follow Emilio to the graveyard. (10 points)
(847 points so far)

The hotel - 14 points

Go talk to Estelle about Le Serpent Rouge. NB! Do this before you ask about the Egyptian artifacts. (2 points)
Ask about the Egyptian artifacts. (2 points)
Finish the conversation with Estelle. (5 points)
Go knock on Emilio's door. (5 points)
(861 points so far)

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