Day 3, 9pm - midnight

And just when I was ready to write him off as a complete bastard, he shows that he does have some morals and integrity after all.

The chessboard - 10 points

The idea here is to move around on the board in a pattern of a knight, without jumping on the skulls, and without stepping on the same tile twice. He will need to end up on the other side of the room, by the doow with a square on it.
Assuming that the black corner tile on Gabriel's side is A1, and the row at the start is 1, then this is one solution:
e1, c2,
a1, b3,
a5, c4,
b2, d1,
f2, h1,
g3, h5,
f4, g2,
h4, g6,
h8, f7,
d8, b7,
c5, a4,
b6, a8,
c7, e8 (10 points)
(871 points so far)

The pendulum - 20 points

Look at the rotating floor. Some of the tiles have symbols. Wait for one of the square symbols to come along, then jump onto the tile after the square.
When you reach the place where the pendulum disappears partly into the wall, the pendulum should be there. Be quick, and click on it when the pointer changes to a hand, and if you are lucky, you will grab hold of it and hitch a ride. If you are unlucky, you will get to try again. By loading a save game. (5 points)
Target the pillar under the box; the pointer is inactive when Gabriel is off the screen. When the pendulum and Gabriel swing back, it changes to a hand. Click on the pillar right before Gabriel is right above it, and he will land on the top of the pillar if you do it right. (5 points)
Look at the ingots, and contact Grace. Eternity, fertility, and perfection.
The 8 stands for eternity, or rather, the ∞.
The egg-like shape probably stands for fertility.
The thing that looks like an apple must then stand for perfection.
Put the three items onto the scale. (10 points)
(891 points so far)

The Sanctuary - 29 points

Look at the statue.
Right-click on the statue, and choose the radio icon (second from the left). (2 points)
Pick the black glove. (2 points)
Go to the place with fire and water. Click on the fire to get an overview (the icon with the paper and magnifying glass).
In there, you can see a stone. Using the glove, pick it up. (5 points)
Put the stone in the hand of the Reaper. (5 points)
Go over to the new area you got access to. Have Grace translate.
Step onto the two slabs of stone.
Turn the dial so it points at the left stone slab and mirror. (5 points)
Go to the area with three buttons and ask for another translation from Grace.
Press the yin-yang button. (5 points)
You will now automatically go to the next chamber. (5 points)
(920 points so far)

The Veil - 10 points

Go close to the missing bridge. You have to make Gabriel walk over there. When you get close enough, a tile will appear.
You have to jump across the gap on those tiles, but don't stay too long on one, because it will disappear. (10 points)
(930 points so far)

Temple Holy of Holies - 35 points

Use the amulet on the demon.
Jump up on the tomb at the other end of the room. (5 points)
Radio Grace to ask for help. (5 points)
Use the amulet on the demon.
Use the dagger on the demon. (25 points)
(965 points so far)

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