Day 1

St. George's books - 15 points

Read the newspaper. (1 point)
Look in the box and take the sketchbook. (1 point)
Read the sketchbook. (1 point)
Look under the counter.
Take the magnifying glass. (1 point)
Take the tweezers. (1 point)
Look at the bookshelf.
Read the book called "Das Lyrik". (1 point)
Read "the world of snakes". (1 point)
Talk to Grace about messages. (2 points)
Talk to Grace about voodoo research. (2 points)
Open the register and take the gift certificate from the drawer (to the left). (1 point)
Go into Gabriel's bedroom, behind Grace.
Take the flashlight. (1 point)
Go into the bathroom and take what you find in the bathroom cabinet. Ooh. Hair gel! (2 points)
(15 points so far)

Police station - 4 points

Enter the police station.
Talk to sergeant Frick.
Ask about Mosley. (2 points)
Ask about the photos. (1 point)
Ask about the crime scene.
Open the envelope. (1 point)
(19 points so far)

Jackson Square - 7 points

Go to the upper side of Jackson Square.
Walk close to the mime, and he should follow you. Do not get too close to others, as that will make him follow them instead. With the mime behind you, go down to the cop with the bike. The mime should now start annoying the cop. (5 points)
While the cop is busy chasing the mime, use the radio on his bike. (2 points)
(26 points so far)

Lake Pontchartrain - 6 points

Use your sketchbook with the pattern in the sand, between where the body was and the road. (2 points)
Look closer at the tracks near the tree.
Go up twice to see some bluish thing on the ground. (1 point)
Use the tweezers to pick up the scale. (2 points)
Take clay from the river bank. (1 point)
(32 points so far)

St. George's books - 2 points

Ask Grace to research Malia Gedde. (2 points)
(34 points so far)

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