Day 10

St. George's Books - 4 points

As usual, read the newspaper. (1 point)
That one kind of confuses me; it is 28th of June, so shouldn't the journalist hope for July to return them to sanity? Why wait an entire month?
Take the note by the counter. (1 point)
Talk to the intruder. Go into Gabriel's bedroom and keep talking to your unexpected guest.
Make a plan. (2 points)
(317 points so far)

St. Louis Cathedral - 5 points

Go into the right confessional and use the snake rod on the knothole in the wall. (3 points)
Use the tracker on the kneeler in the confessional. (1 point)
Use the snake rod on the kneeler in the confessional. (1 point)
This is VERY important, because you can still continue, but if you fail to leave these two items, you will fail the game.
Exit, and you'll find yourself in an underground complex.
(322 points so far)

Gedde Hounfour - 40 points

Go through the exit to the hallway, on the opposite side of the entrance.
Take notice of the sign above the elevator door. It has 6 snakes on it.
Each room has a door with a number of snakes above it.
Each room number corresponds to the number of snakes above it.
Enter room 2 to find Malia's bedroom, and watch a cutscene.
Enter room 4. In the inbox on the lower right desk, you'll find a book with drum codes. (2 points)
Enter room 7. It is a supply room. Get robes and the two masks (one wolf and one boar). (2 points)
Combine one robe and mask in your inventory. The other mask and robe will be combined automatically.
Go to the center room.
Note: You need to know which exit to use to get to room 5 or 1 quick, as this will be timed.
Use the drums to "Summon Brother Eagle". (5 points)
Now you have little time, so don't waste any time.
Hurry out the exit to room 1 or 5, then go down or up to room 3.
Enter room 3 and grab the keycard hanging on the wall. (2 points)
Leave the room, and go either towards room 2 or 4.
Use the keycard on room 1. Ooooh! Treasury!
Grab some money. You now have a lot of money.
Grab more. You now have a lot more.
Grab even more. You now can't hold any more, but you have a shameful amount. Should be enough to pay Grace and your bills. (2 points)
Exit the treasury, and head to room 11.
Use the keycard on the keypad at room 11. (1 point)
Save again.
If you forgot to leave the snake rod and the tracker in the confessional, do so now. This is your last chance. You get to the confessional through room 6.
Use the keycard on room 8. You just found Grace. (1 point)
Use the talisman on Grace. (2 points)
Use the boar mask and robe on Mosley. (1 point)
Use the wolf mask and robe on Gabriel. (1 point)
Use the talisman on Malia. (3 points)
Use the talisman on Mosley. (3 points)
Smash stone idol inside the altar. (5 points)
Go grab Malia before she falls. (10 points)
(362 points total)

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