Day 2

St. George's Books - 2 points

Automatically talk to Grace. (1 point)
Read today's newspaper. (1 point)
(36 points so far)

Police Station - 16 points

Talk to Frick, ask him about Mosley.
Enter through the gate, and stop outside Mosley's office.
Beside Mosley's office door, on the outside, there's a thermostat. Set it to 80 or so. (1 point)
Talk to Mosley. Ask about the patterns, then ask about the other six patterns. (1 point)
Ask him to get you a coffee. (1 point)
While he's out of the office, go search his jacket and take his badge. (3 point)
Exit Mosley's office and talk to officer Franks. Ask about the file. (2 points)
Open it and look at the symbols. Put it back.
Ask him for a photo shot. (2 point)
While she's in there taking your picture, go outside to "check your hair".
Outside, grab the file and take a copy of the symbols. (5 points)
Put the file back. (1 point)
Head back inside the office.
When you're done with the photo session, leave the station.
(52 points so far)

Dixieland Drug Store - 5 points

Look at the sign on his counter. (1 point)
Look at the crocodile mask by the entrance.
Talk to Willy. Ask about animal masks. (2 points)
Show the murder scene photo to Willy, alternatively, ask him about the voodoo murders. (2 points)
Ask about St. John's Eve and the other topics as well.
(57 points so far)

Voodoo Museum - 8 points

Talk to Dr. John.
Ask about all the yellow topics.
Ask about historical voodoo repeatedly until you get Marie Laveau as a new topic. (2 points)
Ask about current voodoo. (2 points)
Ask about Marie Laveau until he mentions the cemetery. (2 points)
Look at the shrine to the left of the door.
Take the flyer on the wall. (2 points)
(65 points so far)

Gedde mansion - 7 points

Go to the mansion, and ask to see Malia Gedde.
Show the butler Mosley's badge. (5 points)
Ask about what you can, if you're interested.
Flirt with Malia. Twice. (2 points)
Get thrown out.
(72 points so far)

Cemetery - 5 points

Talk to the watchman.
Ask about Marie Laveau. (1 point)
Ask about other marked tombs. (1 point)
Pick up the brick close to Marie Laveau's tomb. (1 point)
Use your sketchbook to copy the strange marks on the tomb. (2 points)
(77 points so far)

Jackson Square - 7 points

Go far enough up that you can see the artist lose his painting.
Ask the kid dancing if he can fit through the bars around the statue.
Use the gift certificate you found in your cash register on the hot dog vendor. (1 point)
Give the hot dog to the tap dancer. (1 point)
Talk to the kid and ask him to get the drawing from inside the fence. (1 point)
Go give the sketch to the artist at the upper part of the park. (1 point)
Use the pattern you found at the lake on the artist. (1 point)
Use the copy of the pattern on the artist. (2 points)
(84 points so far)

Police Station

Go talk to Mosley. He is not happy with you. He'll still get you coffee if you ask, though, so he's not that mad at you.
You do not have to do this today. In fact, if you wait until tomorrow, he'll have someone in his office with him, and he'll yell less at you for it.

St. George's Books - 2 points

Talk to Grace. Ask her to look into Madame Cazaunoux. (2 points)
(86 points so far)

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