Day 3

St. George's Books - 6 points

Watch cutscene where you get potential Cazaunouxes. (1 point)
Ask Grace about messages.
Again, read the newspaper. (2 points)
Grab the black shirt from your wardrobe. (1 point)
Call Cazaunoux A (555-0128). You'll hear her dog in the background.
Call Cajun Critters Vetrinary Clinic (555-0170) and ask about Madame Cazaunoux.
Tell the woman you're worried about Castro. (2 point)
(92 points so far)

Police Station

Head into Mosley's office.
Watch the cutscene.

Jackson Square - 7 point

Talk to the artist, and get your drawing. (1 point)
Go left, and look at Madame Lorelei. You may have to walk pretty close for her to start dancing.
Wait until she starts dancing, then use the hand on her. (1 point)
She drops her veil. Pick it up. (1 point)
Examine the veil closely, and you'll find a snake scale. Take it. (2 point)
Give the veil back to Madame Lorelei. You'll get a fortune telling in return. (1 point)
Compare the scale you just found with the one you found at the crime scene. (1 point)
(99 points so far)

St. Louis Cathedral - 2 points

Enter the confessional to the right.
Use the kneeler.
Talk to the priest. Confess to being a womanizer. Prepare for a hilarious dialogue.
Exit the confessional and enter the priest confessional.
Open the box on the right hand wall.
Take the collar. (1 point)
Exit the priest confessional.
Combine the black shirt and the priest's collar.
Combine the result with the hairgel. You now have a priest's diguise. (1 point)
(101 points so far)

St. George's Books - 2 points

Talk to Grace, and show her the pattern you got from the artist. (2 point)
(103 points so far)

Tulane University - 7 points

Go to the university and listen to the talk. (2 points)
Talk to professor Hartridge. Ask about Cabrit sans cor (1 point). (Gabriel owns a bookstore. He should have had a French-English dictionary there, in my opinion, but, well, there it is.)
Show him the photo from the crime scene. (2 points)
Show him the pattern you got from the artist. (2 points)
(110 points so far)

Cemetery - 2 points

Head down to the Gedde mausoleum, and meet Malia. (2 points)
(112 points so far)

Cazunoux Residence - 7 points

Put on the priest's disguise by using it on Gabriel. (2 points)
Knock on Madame Cazaunoux's door. Introduce yourself as Father MacLaughlin. (1 point)
Talk to her. Ask about cabrit sans cor. (2 points)
Ask her about human sacrifice, voodoo queens, and voodoo hounfour.
When she gives you the snake bracelet to bless, use the clay you found at the murder scene on it. (2 points)
(119 points so far)

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