Day 4

St. George's Books - 6 points

Watch cutscene. (2 points)
Read the day's newspaper. (1 point)
Talk to Grace and ask him about messages. She has one from Gabriel's grandmother. (2 points)
Ask about messages again. There is another one from Wolfgang Ritter.
Get Wolfgang Ritter's phone number from Grace. (1 point)
(125 points so far)

Grandma Knight's House - 17 points

Go visit grandma. Talk to her about the Knight family.
Ask about Gabriel's grandfather. (2 points)
Head up to the attic.
Open the trunk.
Move the cross.
Move the picture.
Take the key you find under the picture. (1 point)
Look closer at the clock next to the chest (interact with it).
Fiddle with the clock. Remember the German poem? Three dragons.
Set the hands to 3 o'clock, then put the dragon on top.
Use the key on the keyhole on the clock, and turn it. (4 points)
Take what you find in the drawer. (6 points)
Read the letter you found. (1 point)
Go downstairs and have a chat with grandma.
Ask about Heinz Ritter. Oh, by the way, 'Ritter' in German means 'knight'.(2 points)
Ask about Wolfgang Ritter. (1 point)
(142 points so far)

St. Louis Cemetery - 2 points

Go to the Wright tomb, right by the Ross tomb.
Talk to the plaques of your dad, your mom and your granddad. Seems Gabriel's ancestors are looking out for him.
Take the money from the broken vase. (2 points)
(144 points so far)

St. George's Books - 2 points

Go back to the bookstore. Bruno should come in as well.
Sell him the painting. Grace does not approve. Nor do I, really. Bruno is way too happy to get it. Jerk. (2 points)
(146 points so far)

Dixieland Drug Store - 2 points

Now you can afford the crocodile mask. Buy it. Bad trade, if you ask me, but you'll need it. (2 points)
(148 points so far)

Napoleon House - 5 points

Talk to the bartender about voodoo until he mentions Sam and voodoo. (1 point)
Talk to Sam and show him the clay mold.
Give Sam the voodoo oil. Really, after twenty years, he's got the right to brag a bit. (3 point)
Now show him the clay mold again. (1 point)
(153 points so far)

Jackson Square Overlook - 3 points

Find and watch Crash through the binoculars. He's talking to the drummer, use the binoculars to the far right. (3 points)
(156 points so far)

Napoleon House - 1 point

Go back and meet Sam and get your bracelet. (1 point)
(157 points so far)

St. Louis Cathedral - 6 points

Show Crash the bracelet. (1 point)
Talk to Crash again. Make certain you ask all the non-important questions (the non-yellow) first.
Ask about the drummer. (2 points)
Ask about voodoo hounfour again. (1 point)
Look at Crash.
Pull up his shirt.
Copy the tattoo to your sketchbook. (2 points)
(163 points so far)

Police Station - 4 points

Go talk to Mosley. Tell him about Crash. This might not be important at all, but I do it since it makes sense to inform Mosley that his informer just died from something that looked like a strange disease.
Show Mosley the article about voodoo that Grace dug up. (2 points)
Show Mosley the pattern that the artist reconstructed. (2 points)
(167 points so far)

St. George's Books - 4 points

Call Wolfgang Ritter. (The lady answering the phone tells you you've reached Ritter Castle). (Note: Do this before asking Grace to research for you; I met a bug where the day wouldn't end when I did it the other way around) (2 points)
Ask Grace to research Rada drums for you. (2 points)
(171 points so far)

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