Day 5

St. George's Books - 5 points

Watch the morning cutscene. (2 points)
Read the newspaper. (1 point)
Examine the journal you got. Now you might also read the graphic novel from the main menu. (1 point)
Read the letter that came with the package. (1 point)
(176 points so far)

Tulane University - 2 points

Time to talk to the professor. Go to the university, and into his office.
Search his desk.
Pick up the pencil and use it on the notepad to get a rubbing of the missing text. (2 points)
(178 points so far)

Moonbeam Residence - 9 points

Talk to Madame Moonbeam.
Ask about St. John's Eve. (2 points)
Ask her to show you how she handles Grimwald. (1 point)
While she is dancing, go grab the snake skin from the cage. (2 points)
In your inventory, compare the snake scale you found at the crime scene and the snake skin you took from Grimwald, either by combining the two or by looking at the snake skin in a magnifying glass. (1 point)
Show Madame Moonbeam the symbols you found on Marie Laveau's tomb.
She says she won't translate it, so keep asking (talk to her and ask again).
Play with the loa machine, and make it say "trusted friend". Some levers change two characters, some only one. But it should be fairly easy to get right. (2 points)
You'll automatically ask about the symbols again. (1 point)
(187 points so far)

Voodoo Museum - 5 points

Ooops. Use the switch next to the door to turn on the fan and scare it away. (5 points)
(192 points so far)

St. George's Books - 4 points

Use the magnifying glass on the ashtray. Another snake scale! (1 point)
Use the tweezers on the scale. (1 point)
Compare the scale with the one you found on the murder site. (2 points)
(196 points so far)

Police Station - 4 points

Go talk to Mosley.
Show him the rubbing from professor Hartridge's office. (2 points)
Show Mosley the scales. (2 points)
(200 points so far)

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