Day 6

St. George's Books - 5 points

Watch a rather disturbing cutscene. (1 point)
Go pick up the envelope. (1 point)
Open it and look at the contents. (2 points)
Read the newspaper. (1 point)
(205 points so far)

Jackson Square - 8 points

Talk to Madame Lorelei. (3 points)
Use the Rada book on the drummer on the square.
The code says "Call conclave", "tonight", "swamp". (5 points)
(213 points so far)

Police Station - 6 points

Ask about Mosley. This is getting interesting.
Examine the abandoned car outside.
Grab the tire iron. (1 point)
Go into the alleyway at the side of the police station.
Use the tire iron on Mosley's window. (2 points)
Use the key you got from Mosley's letter on his desk drawer. (2 points)
Take the tracker from his drawer. (1 point)
Enjoy another disturbing cutscene.
(219 points so far)

Voodoo Museum - 3 points

Look at the shrine.
Plant a tracker in the coffin. (3 points)
(222 points so far)

St. Louis Cemetery - 9 points

There are new symbols on Marie Laveau's tomb. Copy them to your sketchbook. (2 points)
Compare the two in your inventory. (2 points)
Wait until the watchman leaves the area. If it takes too long, try talking to him.
Use the brick on the tomb to change the message.
Make the message say: "DJ conclave tonight bring sekey madoule". (5 points)
The "y" is one of the missing letters on the second page; the first unknown. The "m" is the last unknown symbol. The "u" is the middle unknown symbol. (the second message says: "DJ keep eyes on GK but do not harm").
If you haven't done so already, now would be a good time to read the graphic novel that you can access from the main menu. If you're interested in the story, you really should read it before you proceed.
(231 points so far)

St. George's Books - 3 points

Use the snake pattern you got from Crash with Grace to ask her to paint the symbol on your chest.
Tell her it's by costume party, then suggest she's being jealous. (3 point)
(234 points so far)

Bayou St. John - 7 points

This is outside the French Quarter, so off you go into the swamp.
Use the tracker on Gabriel.
Follow the paths by going the way the tracker points. It may look as if you're going in circles, but keep going, and you'll find the way. (3 points)
Put on your crocodile mask. You really don't want anyone to recognise you. (2 points)
Enter the ceremony area.
Answer the questions. Note: You have limited time, so don't way too long before answering.
The answers to the questions are:
Name the Great Serpent who crushes all in his coils: Damballah. (1 point)
Who is the destroyer of men: Ogoun Badagris. (1 point)
Watch yet another cutscene. If you have paid attention, it should not be too much of a surprise.
(241 points so far)

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