Day 7

St. George's Books - 4 points

Call Wolfgang Ritter again. (3 points)
Go out in the shop and read the newspaper. (1 point)
(245 points so far)

St. Louis Cemetery - 10 points

On the outside of the Gedde tomb, there is a panel. It is now open, so press the switch. (2 points)
Use the flashlight you picked up on day 1. (1 point)
Start by looking at the pile of skulls to the left.
The green gems must be pressed in the right order. Look at the picture at the bottom.
The order is: Top, bottom, left, right, center. (2 points)
Look inside the drawer that opened. (2 points)
Open the drawer again (it is the one at the center), and take the wallet. (2 points)
Press the red button on the right side of your screen to exit the tomb.
Open the wallet you found to find a credit card. (1 point)
(255 points so far)

St. George's Books - 5 points

Return, and Grace has some less than stellar news for you.
Call 555-0113, "C the world travel agency".
Book a ticket to Munich, Germany, and charge it to Mosley's card. (5 points)
Talk to Grace again. It is not actually necessary, but she deserves it.
Go to the airport and travel to Munich.
(260 points so far)

Schloss Ritter - 14 points

Talk to Gerde.
Look at the weapons on the wall, next to the stairs. Take the dagger. (1 point)
Go upstairs to the bedroom.
Pick up the scissors on the dresser. (1 point)
Look at the case next to the mirror. Take the scroll. (1 point)
Look at it.
Look at the poem over the door, next to the bed.
Go downstairs and enter the chapel. Look at the panels.
Talk to Gerde, and ask about the panels and the ceremony. (1 point)
She will translate the poem for you when you ask about it. (1 point)
Enter the chapel again, and look at the panels.
Exit the chapel.
Take the salt shaker from the desk. (1 point)
Go upstairs and take the chamber pot. (1 point)
Open the window.
Outside the window, there is a puddle of water.
Wash Gabriel's hands in it to follow the first panel. (1 point)
Use the scissors to cut a lock of Gabriel's hair (this must be done in the bedroom, where there is a mirror. Can't risk ruining his hairdoo completely, after all). (1 point)
Go downstairs.
Enter the chapel.
Put the chamber pot on the altar.
Put salt into the chamber pot.
Use the knife on Gabriel to cut his arm and get some blood into the chamber pot.
Kneel at the altar.
Use the scroll on Gabriel. (5 point)
(274 points so far)

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