Day 8

Bedroom - 4 points

Pick up the key from the bench at the foot of the bed. (1 point)
Use the key on the door next to the bed. (3 points)
(278 points so far)

Library - 7 points

There is a book on lycanthropy in the occult section. It is not really useful, but might be a link to the next game.
Look at the Ritter journals. Still not useful, but one of the books you can pick up is the "Malleus Maleficarum", the Witch Hammer. Not really nice reading (though Gabriel never reads it).
Look at the shield next to the banner by the door.
Solve the puzzle. (2 points)
The only interesting thing in the secret room is the book in the display case. Read it. (1 point)
You'll now get references to other books you need to read.
"The Primal Ones" is in the sociology section. (1 point)
"Ancient Roots of Africa" is in the history section. (1 point)
"Sun Worshippers" is in the religion section. (1 point)
"Ancient Digs of Africa" is in the archaeology section. (1 point)
(285 points so far)

Hall - 2 points

Show Gerde the book you took with you. (1 point)
Use Mosley's credit card to pay for this flight as well. Your old friend is probably spinning in his grave. (1 point)
(287 points so far)

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