Day 9

Snake mound - 13 points

Enter the snake mound.
Pick up the tile by the wall.
Use the exit at the bottom of the screen to go to the previous room or the one at the top to go to the next room.
Pick up the tiles you find in these rooms.
Keep going around and gather the tiles you can. The structure is circular, so it doesn't really matter which way you go.
Some tiles are stuck; look closer at them to find out how many snakes are on each.
In one of the rooms, you'll find a snake rod. Take it. (1 point)
The tiles go in ascending order going clockwise. Use the two stuck tiles to decide which tile goes where.
You will get points when all tiles are correctly placed. (3 point)
Once all the tiles are in place, go to the room three rooms down from the entrance.
Use the snake rod on the hole in the tile. (5 points)
Now you need to get back to the room with the mural, one up from the entrance. Head straight up to the next room.
In the two first rooms, you can just go straight for the door in the other end of the room.
In the third, you have to wait for the guard to come close, then go right, and then up to the door.
In the entrance room, there are several guards. Use the vines hanging from the ceiling to get past them. (2 points)
You are now in the room with the mural. Now you get to meet uncle Wolfgang.
Use the snake rod on the hole inside the doorway to the right. (2 points)
Save again, so you don't have to go through it again.
(300 points so far)

Inner Wheel - 13 points

Go over to the round table.
Try to remove the lid. (1 point)
Behind the table, there are a couple of bars. Use one of them. (1 point)
You'll automatically take a bar and insert it in the holes in the lid.
Repeat with the second bar. (1 point)
Use the bars to try to lift the lid.
Go left and use the dagger on the mummy. (10 points)
Come on, don't tell me you didn't see that coming.
(313 points so far)

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