Chapter 1

Regarding the opening movie: It is probably not intended, but I find it a bit entertaining that in British English, a flashlight is also called a torch. So when Gabriel says: "Shouldn't those be torches?", my reaction was: "But they are!"

The Hubers farm - 11 points

Open your bag, by the cupboard. (1 point)
Take the knife, and you'll pick up additional stuff. (1 point)
Look in your inventory. Read the letter from Übergrau. (2 points)
Read the letter from Grace. (1 point)
Exit down.
Click on the table to pick up the newspaper. (1 point)
Click on the article to get a few pieces of information. (2 points)
Click on the table to write a letter to Grace. (1 point)
Behind Gabriel, near the coatrack, there is a note from frau Huber. Read it. (1 point)
Click on the shelf beneath the mirror, there you find the car keys. (1 point)
(11 points so far)

Outside the house - 11 points

Exit the house, then go right. Look at the ornamental tree trunk. It is muddy, so look on the ground near the trough.
There is a paw print there. Look at it. (1 point)
Go back towards the house, then left by the car, into the shed.
Click on the cement to start mixing it. (1 point)
Go back to the paw print and use the bucket of cement on it to get a proper print cast. (5 points)
You'll automatically go back to the shed with the bucket while the print cast sets.
Go back to the print and pick it up. (1 point)
Go past the trough towards the forest.
Look on the ground in the grass, near the small tree. There is something on the ground there. (1 point)
Click on the tuft of hair on the ground. (2 points)
Use the keys on the VolksWagen you find outside the house.
(22 points so far)

Thalkirchen, zoo, wolf pen - 6 points

Click on the sign. (1 point)
Look beyond the fence.
Click on the wolf to the right and see Gabriel behave like an idiot. (1 point)
After a while, a zoo employee shows up. Talk to him.
Ask about himself until he mentions Doktor Klingmann. (1 point)
Ask about Doktor Klingmann. (2 points)
Ask about the missing wolves.
Ask what they look like. (1 point)
Ask the rest of the questions as well; it won't hurt.
(28 points so far)

Thalkirchen, zoo, administration office - 4 points

Talk to Doktor Klingmann.
Ask about himself twice. (1 point)
Ask about his research. (1 point)
Ask about wolves. (1 point)
Ask about missing wolves.
Ask about how long they've been missing. (1 point)
Ask all available questions. The information might become interesting later on.
Exit the office.
(32 points so far)

Police station - 1 point

Kommissar Leben has no time for you right now. (1 point)
(33 points so far)

The Huber farm - 10 points

Go back to the Hubers' place.
Pick the tape icon and insert Doktor Klingmann's tape in tape A and a blank tape in B. Click "splice".
You want the text: "Thomas? Herr doktor Klingmann here. Show our wolves to mr. Knight." (10 points)
(43 points so far)

Thalkirchen, zoo, administration office - 7 points

Search Doktor Klingmann's coat. (2 points)
Use the newly mixed tape you made on Klingmann's desk. (5 points)
(50 points so far)

Thalkirchen, zoo, wolf pen - 7 points

Look closer at the wolf's tag. (1 point)
Watch as Gabriel pets the wolf, and the run out of the pen. (4 points)
Look at the receipe in your inventory. Turn it over. (2 points)
(57 points so far)

The Huber farm - 5 points

Use the receipe on the mirror to get an address. (5 points)
(62 points so far)

Marienplatz - 10 points

Go left out of the picture. To the left of the meat-selling lady, there is an entrance. You may have to read the letter from your lawyers first to be able to use it.
Enter to talk to your lawyers. (1 point)
Ask about sample analysis. (2 points)
Ask about the mutilation killings. Ooooh, you've found a fan!
Ask about Jagdschein. (1 point)
Ask about die Königlich-Bayrische Hofjagdloge. (2 points)
Exit the office.
Keep going right, then up at the fountain. Walk across the street, and you now have the post office.
Send the letter to Grace. (1 point)
Go up from the post office.
Enter, and tell the clerk you're an avid hunter. (1 point)
Tell him you're member of a prominent German family. (1 point)
Talk to lawyer again, this time about family papers. (1 point)
(72 points so far)

Universität - 7 points

Show him the hair you found at the farm. (2 points)
Show him the paw print you found. (2 points)
Show him the wolf hair you got from the zoo. (2 points)
Get the report from him as well. (1 point)
(79 points so far)

Marienplatz - 11 points

Go back to the lawyer's office and pick up the papers. (1 point)
Return to the snobbish club and show the clerk the papers. (10 point)
(90 points so far)

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