Chapter 2

Arriving at Schloss Ritter

Grace can be hilarious sometimes. More than hilarous. And maybe a tiny little bit jealous? I feel a bit sorry for Gerde, she doesn't deserve that behaviour from Grace. Still, Grace has at least learned some German since the first game.
So, start by leaving the bedroom and let the man work in peace.

Scloss Ritter - 4 points

Talk to Gerda.
Ask about Gabriel. Twice. (2 points)
Ask about herself. Twice.
Ask about Gabriel's research. (2 points)
Keep asking about Gabriel's research. Grace is really not being nice.
Ask about the locked door as well.
Leave the castle, then head down the path on the left.
(94 points so far)

The village - 6 points

Go right. There are three blue doors, knock on the middle one. Talk to the man.
Ask about himself. (1 point)
Ask about Rittersberg.
Ask about the building. (1 point)
Enter the Goldener Löwe.
Talk to Huber.
Ask about Rittersberg.
Ask about Gabriel's case.
Ask about what the case is about. (2 points)
Ask about werewolves. (2 points)
Go to the Rathaus and ask about the trial documents.
(100 points so far)

Schloss Ritter - 13 points

Go to Gabriel's room and look at the fireplace.
There is a box of tools there. Take the screwdriver. (1 point)
The fireplace is missing a stone above the toolbox. Look closer at it.
Use the screwdriver on the hole. (3 points)
Open the wardrobe.
Enter the secret passage. (5 points)
Go straight across the corridor, and end up in Gerde's bedroom. (2 points)
Look at the picture of Wolfgang.
Open the wardrobe.
There is a key above the passage. Take it. (2 points)
Open the wardrobe again and enter the passage.
Go back to Gabriel's room.
(113 points so far)

Schloss Ritter library - 18 points

Use the key on the door next to the bed. (5 points)
Look at the middle bookshelf, and you will find a book about lycanthropes.
Watch the cutscene. Really, Grace, she didn't deserve that. (1 point)
Read the book in your inventory. (2 points)
Read the letter in your inventory, that you found inside the book. (2 points)
Click on the rightmost bookshelves. You'll find a journal (1 point).
Read the journal that is now in your inventory. (2 points)
Go to the desk (lower right corner).
Use doctor Barclay to ask about king Ludwig II. (5 points)
(131 points so far)

Rittersberg - 21 points

Go to the Rathaus again, and ask about the trial documents. Give him the date. (2 points)
Ask why it was brought to Rittersberg.
Ask where it was kept. (2 points)
Ask if it ever changed back. (2 points)
Ask why they wanted to find out who it was.
You'll get to see the dungeon. (2 points)
Look out the window at the church. (2 points)
Go down to the other end of the room.
Look at the bed.
Go to the church.
Talk to the priest, the man standing close to where Grace enters.
Go to the Goldener Löwe again.
Talk to Herr Huber.
Ask about Ludwig II repeatedly. (2 points)
Go back to the mayor. Ask about the church records. (2 points)
Go to the church, and give the note to the priest. (2 points)
Return to the Rathaus and give the file to the mayor. (5 points)
(152 points so far)

Schloss Ritter - 10 points

Return to the Schloss Ritter and the library.
Look at the journals, the bookshelves to the right to find Christian Ritter's journal. (1 point)
Read Christian Ritter's journal. (2 points)
Time to write a letter to Gabriel. Sit down at the desk and use the typewriter. (5 points)
Go downstairs and use the envelope on Gerde to get the address. (2 points)
(162 points so far)

Rittersberg - 5 points

To the left of the Goldener Löwe, you find the post office. Click on it.
Beneath the post sign, there is a bell. Ring it.
Give the package to the post lady. (1 point)
Use the wallet on her to pay the postage. (4 points)
(167 points so far)

Schloss Ritter

Return to the Schloss Ritter. Prepare for a hilarious cut scene.

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