Chapter 3

The Huber farm - 1 points

Read the newspaper on the table (1 point)
(168 points so far)

Marientplatz - 16 points

Go to your lawyer's office. He has a package for you. (1 points)
Open the package. (1 points)
Ask about Ludwig II. (2 points)
Go to the cuckoo clock shop. Look at the clock on the desk to the left of the man's hand. (1 point)
Use your wallet on the man to buy the clock. (3 points)
Go back towards the hunting club.
Click on the police car. (1 point)
Look at the man in black clothing, standing behind the fence with his back to you. Click on him twice. (2 points)
Use the evidence report you got from the university on the newscrew. (5 points)
(184 points so far)

The Hunting Club - 29 points

Enter the club.
Talk to Xavier.
Ask about what happened in 1970. (1 point)
Ask how often the members hunt. (1 point)
Ask about the club members. (1 point)
Go further into the club, past the fireplace and into the corridor beyond.
Put the cuckoo clock in the plant. (5 points)
Go back to Xavier.
Wait for the clock to start making noise.
Look at the podium. (1 point)
Open the drawer and grab the keys. (3 points)
Use your newly acquired keys on the locked door to the left in the corridor. (5 points)
Grab the cuckoo clock and then put it back again.
Wait for Xavier to go off again.
Replace the keys in the drawer again. (1 point)
Pick up the clock again. Wouldn't do for anyone to find it. Besides, it was supposed to be a gift for Grace, right?
Now you can open the previously locked door and go down to the basement.
Look at the trophy wall.
Look at the lion's head. (1 point)
Look at the human skull. (1 point)
Look at the book to the right of the skull, it can be difficult to see, but click where the icon is a dagger. (1 point)
Click on the text. (2 points)
Click on the wall to the right of the trophy wall.
Look at the photos. (1 point)
Talk to Baron von Zell.
Ask about hunting. (1 point)
Ask about the trophies in the basement. (3 points)
Look at von Glower's business card. (1 point)
(213 points so far)

Perlach, Baron von Glower's House - 10 points

Go see the baron.
Ask about von Glower, where he is from.
Ask about the club members. (2 points)
Ask about the club basement. (2 points)
Ask about the club's philosophy. (2 points)
Ask about the club's philosophy again. (1 point)
Ask about the Black Wolf. (2 points)
Look at the mask above your head. (1 point)
(223 points so far)

Police Station - 10 points

Now you can go to the police station and talk to Leber.
Look at the map on the wall. (1 point)
On the right of the map, there is a note with name, height, weight, address, and a phone number.
Use your notebook on the note. (3 points)
Ask about the other victims, when they were killed. (1 point)
Ask about the killer, that it is not one of the zoo wolves. (1 point)
Ask if only one animal is responsible. (1 point)
Ask about the downtown killing, the latest victim. (1 point)
Ask about why the killer struck downtown.
Ask about the Black Wolf. That was really not the reaction I expected. (2 points)
Ask about missing persons cases.
(233 points so far)

The Huber farm - 4 points

Sit down by the table and write Grace a letter. (1 point)
Use the note with Grossman's phone number on the phone. (3 point)
(237 points so far)

Marienplatz - 24 points

Go ask your lawyer about missing persons. (3 points)
Go to the post office and send the letter to Grace. (1 point)
Go the club.
Talk to Herr Priess.
Ask about the club members. (1 point)
Ask about the club members again. (1 point)
Ask about von Zell. (1 point)
Ask about von Zell again. (1 point)
Ask about von Zell yet again. (1 point)
Ask about the Black Wolf.
Head over to von Zell and Doktor Klingmann. (1 point)
Tell them you just wanted a magazine.
Put the tape recorder in the magazine. (5 points)
Return the magazine. (5 points)
Talk to the two guys at the bar.
Ask about the wolf killing. (2 points)
Ask what they were talking about. (2 points)
(261 points so far)

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