Chapter 5

Marienplatz - 11 points

Go to the Club.
Pick up the tape recorder. (2 points)
Go talk to your lawyer. (1 point)
Read the letter from Grace. (1 point)
Use the tape you got from the Club on your lawyer. (5 points)
Talk to your lawyer about missing persons. (2 points)
(391 points so far)

Police station - 13 points

Ask about Grossberg's account book. (1 point)
Ask about Grossberg's account book again.
Use the tape from the club on Kommissar Leber. (7 points)
Look at the desk with the ledger. (3 points)
I can understand why Gabriel gets under Kommissar Leber's skin... (2 points)
(404 points so far)

Grossberg's contact Dorn

Knock on the door. He does not want to talk to you.

Marienplatz - 3 points

Go to the meat shop and buy some weiss wurst. (1 point)
Go to the lawyer and ask for money. (2 points)
(407 points so far)

Grossberg's contact Dorn - 21 points

Go knock on the door again.
Give him the money. (5 points)
Talk to Dorn. Ask what kinds of exotics he got for Grossberg. (1 point)
Ask about who harvested the furs. (1 point)
Ask if he talked to Grossberg before he died. (1 point)
Ask about the exports went.
Ask where the exports were sent. (5 points)
Ask to see where the wolves were kept.
Go further into the room and look at the cage on the right, by the wall.
Look at the straw. Pick up a few of them. (1 point)
Give a sausage to the tiger. (5 points)
Pick up the tags from the straw. (2 points)
(428 points so far)

The Club - 5 points

Return to the Club. (5 points)
(433 points so far)

The Lodge, upper floor - 24 points

Cross the corridor and knock on the door opposite your own, the last door on the right.
Open the wardrobe and take the rope. (1 point)
Go down to the window in this room. Open it.
Use the rope on the window. (5 points)
Make your way to the next window.
Open the windows to get inside.
Go to the right by the bed.
Look at the book on the night-table. Click on the right side of it on what looks like loose papers to see more. (2 points)
Read the letter. (1 point)
Enter the bathroom.
Move the rug and look at the footprint on the floor. (3 points)
Go back out the window, then back to the first room and into the corridor.
Knock on the door next to your own.
Talk to von Aigner.
Ask about Grossberg. (1 point)
Ask if he was the main contact with Grossberg. (1 point)
Ask what von Zell has to do with Grossberg.
Ask why Baron von Zell wanted the name.
Ask about him owing money to von Zell. (1 point)
Ask about the Black Wolf twice. (2 points)
Enter Doctor Klingmann's room.
Show him the tags. (7 points)
Go down the stairs.
(457 points so far)

The Lodge, ground floor - 6 points

Open the wardrobe.
Grab the lantern. (1 points)
Go over to Hennerman to talk to him.
Ask about Klingmann. (2 points)
Ask about the Lodge. (1 point)
Ask about the Lodge again. (2 points)
Look at the fireplace.
Take the matches from the mantlepiece.
(463 points so far)

Outside the Lodge - 22 points

Enter the stables.
Look at the wall left of the door.
Take the shears. (1 point)
Go outside, and exit to the right.
Look at the reddish-brown area. Mud. And a paw-print. (2 points)
You might want to draw a map over this area.
From the mud and the print, go: down, right, down, and look at the mud. (1 point)
(Note: You can also go, from the mud and the print, right, down, down).
Look at the bushes above the print.
Use the shears on the bushes. (3 points)
Crawl futher into the cave. (5 points)
Use the matches on the lamp. (10 points)
(485 points so far)

The Lodge, upper floor - 10 points

Go talk to Baron Glower. Settle down for a very long cutscene. (10 points)
(495 points so far)

Outside the lodge - 18 points

Now here is when you need that map you made. Also, you don't have that much time to make your choice, or the wolf will attack. You can drive it backwards using your talisman on it.
Use the talisman on the wolf. (3 points)
Make your way to the ravine, driving the wolf in front of you. (10 points)
Shoot the wolf. (5 points)
(513 points so far)

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