Chapter 6

Rittersberg - 4 points

Go further into the room, and look at Gabriel. (1 point)
Go into the Goldener Löwe.
Take a roll from the basket in front of mrs. Smith. (1 point)
Talk to mrs. Smith.
Ask about Gabriel. (1 point)
Ask about our plan. (1 point)
Ask about Altötting.
Go back into the cell.
(517 points so far)

Schloss Ritter - 1 point

Go to Gabriel's room. On the bed are some bedclothes. Take a pillowcase. (1 point)
(518 points so far)

Rittersberg - 7 points

Go back to the cell.
Use the roll on the bird. (2 points)
Use the pillowcase on the bird (5 points)
(525 points so far)

Altötting - 3 points

Look at the display with silver bodyparts. (1 point)
Go around the church until you find an open door, either one up or two down.
Try talking to the monk.
Look at the card he gave you.
Look at the table by the monk. Use your wallet on the table. (2 points)
(528 points so far)

Neuschwanstein - 25 points

Go to the cave and click on the wall on the left. (5 points)
Go to Singer's Hall.
Release the pigeon. (5 points)
Use the panel behind where the guard was standing. (5 points)
Use the bottle you bought on the chair. (5 points)
The panel is close to the floor between the two doors.
Take the scroll from the panel. (5 points)
(553 points so far)

Rittersberg and Schloss Rittersberg - 6 points

Go to the church crypt and look at the heart. (1 point)
Talk to Gerde. (1 point)
Go back to the church and take the heart. (1 point)
Go to the post office. There is a letter for Gabriel there. (1 point)
Read the letter. (2 points)
Go into the Goldener Löwe again.
Talk to mrs. Smith again. (1 point)
(560 points so far)

Altötting - 16 points

Go to the room with the monk again, and show him the heart. (3 points)
To the priest's right, there is a basket. Put the heart in it. (3 points)
Go past the chair to the door and open it. (3 points)
Use the chair. (2 points)
The heart need is the lower to the left. (5 points)
(576 points so far)

Wittelsbacher Theater: Foyer - 1 point

Go to the table with flowers and take a program. (1 point)
(577 points so far)

Office - 5 points

Go down, then right.
Go through the door straight ahead at the end of the corridor.
Talk to Gabriel. (1 point)
Look at the table.
Take the opera glasses. (1 point)
Take the list. (1 point)
Look at the noticeboard. Take the seating chart. (1 point)
Look at the seating chart. (1 point)
Leave the office and go across, through the doorway under the stairs.
(582 points so far)

Basement - 11 points

Go down and open the furnace. (1 point)
Put some coal into the furnace. (1 point)
Push the button to the right, then set the furnace to hoch. (4 points)
Go one step back, then left, left, left, up, left.
Open the door.
Inside the room, go to the left. Take the sign lying on the left. (1 point)
From the room, go right, right, up, and open the box on the wall.
Take the keys from the box. (1 point)
Go down, left, left, and try the keys in the lock. (3 points)
Make yourself familiar with the basement; you might want to make a map.
From outside the room, go up, then left to the stairs.
(593 points so far)

Backstage - 1 point

Look at the ropes behind the men.
Take a rope. (1 point)
Go left out of the room.
Go down, then down again until you are at the foyer again, then head up the stairs.
(594 points so far)

Center Hall - 9 points

Go right. Go through the door straight ahead.
Look at the seating chart.
Look at the chandelier diagram. Click on the X. (1 point)
Look at the seating chart again. Click on the mittel lounge.
Open the big doors straight ahead. (3 points)
Go back to the room with the spotlight. Turn it on, then look through the slot in the wall. Point the spotlight on the mittle longue. (5 points)
(603 points so far)

Foyer - 3 points

Give the seating chart to the man now standing in the foyer. (3 points)
Go right towards the office, but go instead through the third door on the left.
Go back to the foyer.
(606 points so far)

Auditorium - 2 point

Enter the auditorium, the large doors from the foyer.
Go talk to Georg. (1 point)
Talk to the workers fixing the lamps. Uh oh. (1 point)
Leave the auditorium.
(608 points so far)

Office - 2 point

Go get Gabriel and take him to the basement. (1 point)
Go back to the office and change. (1 point)
(610 points so far)

Central Hall - 8 points

Go to the light room and look through the opening.
Use the opera glasses to check the mittle lounge. (2 points)
Go back and use the rope on the mittle lounge doors. (2 points)
Put the "privat" sign on the door, to cover the rope. (4 points)
(618 points so far)

Gabriel in the basement - 4 points

Go left, then look at the chest. (1 point)
Look at the grate hidden behind the chest.
Use the dagger on the grate. (2 points)
Go through the hole. (1 point)
Look at one of the doors to see the door latches.
Go up, up, left up the stairs to backstage.
(622 points so far)

Backstage - 18 points

Look closer at the ropes and pulleys.
Take the roll of tape from the right of the ropes. (1 point)
Go right into the dressing room.
Pick a costume off the rack. (1 point)
Use the costume on Gabriel. (2 points)
Look at the makeup table.
Use the makeup box at the makeup table. (1 point)
Use the powder box on the mirror. (5 points)
Go hide behind the panel. (3 points)
Use the tape on the actor. (5 points)
(640 points so far)

Gabriel in the basement - 39 points

Use your map and start by closing exits. (5 point)
You need to get von Glower to the furnace room. (10 points)
Grace and Leber enter.
When you can, click on Grace. (1 point)
Click on the furnace. (2 points)
Click on the grey wolf. (1 point)
When the Black Wolf jumps, hit it to push it into the furnace. (20 points)
(679 points total)

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