Chapter 1: Into your hands

Rector's Antiques - 7 points

Interact with your suitcase to take your passport. (2 points)
Talk to Gretchen.
Talk about Upcoming contracts.
Ask about the new client. (2 points)
Ask about security.
Ask about other options for security.
Ask about other brilliant ideas for security. (1 points)
Enter your office. Your phone beeps.
Go use your desk.
Read the newspaper on it. (1 point)
Open the letter. (1 point)
Go out in the shop again. Talk to Gretchen about Dexter's message.
Exit the shop and head to 452 Central Park West.
(7 points so far)

452 Central Park West - 19 points

Look at the FITA logo.
Look at your phone and do a web search. (1 point)
Look at the logo and try analysing it. (2 points)
Pick "government agency", "infinity or repetition", "space", and "link to NASA".
Show your passport to the guard. (2 points)
Look at Dexter.
Analyse him. (2 points)
Pick "highly intelligent", "calm leader", and "highly determined".
Talk about the exercise.
Look at the folder. Analyse the file.
Remove any four persons apart from Raphael.
Pick Raphael. (3 points)
Ask about the job.
Take the job. (5 points)
Talk to the guard.
Go to the airport. (4 points)
(26 points so far)

Cardolo's home - 11 points

Ask about himself.
Ask whether she was his first wife.
Break of the conversation to analyse him. (2 points)
Pick "recently emotional", "grieving", "narcissistic, likes attention", and "anxious, feels violated".
Ask about her age when he married her. (1 point)
Ask about her age when she had her son. (1 point)
Ask if she played the piano. (1 point)
Ask about the night she was killed.
Finishing the conversation, that is, exhaust all conversation options. (1 point)
Enter Bianca's room.
Take a closer look at the dresser.
Open one of the top drawers to find gloves. (2 points)
Open the desk.
Look at the narrow slot to the left in the desk. It is a keyslot. (1 point)
Exit to map.
Call Brunetta. (2 points)
(37 points so far)

Murder bridge - 11 points

Go to Murder Bridge.
Look at the detective, and analyse him. (2 points)
Pick "Working long hours, little sleep", "stress-induced acid reflux", "high-stress job", and "20 years as a detective".
Talk to the detective.
Ask about himself, and mention that he has been working around the clock on the case. Tell him you are not trying to find the killer. (1 point).
Ask about Bianca Cardolo. (1 point)
Ask about the murder.
Finish the conversation. (1 point)
Go knock on the door.
Analyse the woman. (2 points)
Pick "Retired teacher", "lost or sold jewelry", "low income", and "string musician".
Ask about herself. Compliment her on her home. (1 point)
Ask about the murder. (1 point)
Look at the web search result on Catarina Felone. (1 point)
Look at the canal. There is something at the bottom. (1 point)
(48 points so far)

Borozzi's Antique Shop - 13 points

Talk to Barozzi.
Ask about Bianca Cardolo's family. (1 point)
Ask about Bianca's husband. (2 points)
Ask about whether Bianca was wealthy. (3 points)
Note: You get 6 points for the three questions above, 1 for the first, 2 for the second, and 3 for the third, so it is the order you ask them in that determines the value, rather than the questions themselves.
Ask about Venetian jewelry.
Ask about the figurine.
Finish the conversation.
Analyse the figurine. (3 points)
Pick "Lewis Chessmen", "walrus ivory", and "medieval chesspieces".
Look at the necklace case.
Buy the center necklace. (2 points)
Take the boat pole. Amazing what you have room for in a suit pocket. (2 points)
(61 points so far)

Cardolo's home - 4 points

Go look at the flowers on the piano.
Take some florist putty. (2 points)
Combine the florist putty and the boat pole. (2 points)
(65 points so far)

Borozzi's Antique Shop - 1 points

Go back to Borozzi's shop, and he will tell you someone was looking for you. (1 point)
(66 points so far)

Murder Bridge - 6 points

Go back to the Murder Bridge.
Use the pole with putty on the canal to get what you saw in the water. (2 points)
Knock on the door.
Give Felone the necklace. (2 points)
Ask her about the murder again, and exhaust all options. (2 points)
(72 points so far)

Cardolo's home - 9 points

Enter Bianca's room and open her desk.
Use the brass hook on the slot to the left. (2 points)
Look at the cream. (1 point)
Take the keycard. (2 points)
Pick up her phone. (2 points)
Call Gabriella. (2 points)
(81 points so far)

Doge Plaza - 9 points

Look at Gabriella. Analyse her. (2 points)
Pick "vain", "highly conscious of social image", and "dancer".
Ask about Bianca.
Ask about Bianca's family. (1 point)
Ask how they met.
Ask about the studio. (2 points)
Ask about Dante. (1 point)
Ask about Bianca's pregnancy. (1 point)
Finish the conversation. (2 points)
(90 points so far)

Dance academy - 11 points

Go to the dance academy and use the keycard you found in Bianca's desk. (2 points)
Look at the paintings on the wall.
Look at the Swan Lake photo. (1 point)
Use your phone to take a picture of the photo. (1 point)
Having gathered sufficient data. (2 points)
Try analysing Bianca's file. Pick Livia Drusilla. (5 points)
(101 points so far)

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