Chapter 2: The Wheel Turns

Cairo Hotel - 4 points

Open your phone's web search. Read the entry for the canopic chest. (2 points)
Open your carry-on bag.
Pick up the gun. (2 points)
Leave the room and go outside.
(105 points so far)

The Lady of the Dunes - 5 points

Go left until you see a bar called "Lady of the Dunes".
Analyse the two men on the couch. (2 points)
For the man in red, pick: "dislikes foreigners", "frequently gets in fights", and "lifts weights to be tough".
For the man in black, pick: "intelligent, quick thinker", "liar and conman", "considers himself important", "greedy, likes to show off his money".
Go talk to the bartender.
Ask about darts. (1 point)
Ask about Masri.
You get the point for the first question you ask where the answer mentions Hasim.
Head over to the two men and talk to them. (1 point)
Ask about the neighbourhood.
Ask about Marsi.
Ask about darts, then play a round. (1 point)
Exit the bar and enter the alley next to the bar.
(110 points so far)

Alley - 14 points

Look at the vent up on the left wall. (1 point)
Go move the crate on the right side of the alley. (1 point)
Go look at the loose wires where the crate was.
Connect the wires; lower right to upper left, lower left to upper center, lower center to upper right.
Go back to the left wall and flip the switch. (2 points)
Go pick up the brick under the street lamp. (2 points)
Climb the crate.
Look at the vent.
Use the brick on the padlock. (2 points)
Try turning the dials.
Go back to the front of the hotel and pick up the motor oil you find in the gutter. (2 points)
Return to the alley.
Climb the crate and look at the vent again.
Use the oil on the two switches. (2 points)
Turn the switches; the upper one will break, the lower one requires more than one dose of oil. (2 points)
Go back to the bar.
(124 points so far)

The Lady of the Dunes - 4 points

Play another round of darts against Hasim. (2 points)
Talk to Hasim again.
Ask about Masri. (1 point)
Ask about Masri again. (1 point)
(128 points so far)

Alley - 9 points

As you step out, you hear sounds of fighting from the alley.
Enter the alley and watch the fight. (2 points)
Get closer by going to the dumpster. (2 points)
Shoot the assassin on the ladder. (2 points)
Bring him back to the hotel room with you. (3 points)
(137 points so far)

Cairo Hotel - 6 points

Analyse Walker. (2 points)
Pick "recently left the military", "has had a physically demanding job", "experienced gunman".
Take a closer look at him to learn something more about him.
Look at his shirt.
Look at his dogtags. (2 points)
Check his pockets. (2 points)
Exit the hotel, and go right until you see the entrance to the youth hostel.
(143 points so far)

Youth Hostel - 1 point

Go right until you see the entrance to the youth hostel.
Enter the youth hotel.
Show the woman the card you got from Walker's pocket. (1 point)
Try turning on the lights.
Look at the bulb in the ceiling.
(144 points so far)

Cairo Hotel - 2 points

Return to the hotel.
Open the wardrobe.
Take the wire hanger. (2 points)
Return to the youth hostel.
(146 points so far)

Youth Hostel - 6 points

Use the wire hanger on the lightbulb. (1 point)
Look at Walker's backpack.
Look at his passport. (2 points)
Look at the web search result on Walker. (3 points)
Return to the hotel.
(152 points so far)

Cairo Hotel - 7 points

Talk to Walker.
Ask about himself, where he is from. (1 point)
Ask about the special forces.
Ask about work.
Ask about security work.
Offer him a job. Don't do this until you've asked all the other questions you want to ask. (5 points)
Make certain you warn him about Masri's gun. (1 point)
(159 points so far)

Masri's Emporium - 10 points

Analyse Masri. (2 points)
Pick "He's anxious about something", "has deep-seated rage", and "big ego, projects the image of success".
Analyse the chest. (5 points)
Note: When you analyse the chest, it means the end of the chapter.
Pick "Tutankhamen jar stoppers", "rope and ring handles", "Tutankhamen cartouche", "Egyptian calcite" and "canopic chest of Tutankhamen".
Watch cutscene. (3 points)
(169 points so far)

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