Chapter 3: When you know who I am

Rector's Antiques - 12 points

Call professor Reed. (2 points)
Open the letter you got. (1 point)
Look at the result of the web search on Senator Stephen Markham. (1 point)
Exit the office and talk to Gretchen.
Ask if there is any urgent business.
Go to the screen. (1 point)
Analyse the rifle. (5 points)
Pick "Winchester Repeating Arms Company, circa 1860", "half-round, half-octagonal barrel", "Teddy Roosevelt's model 1876 rifles", and "lever-action rifle".
Talk to Gretchen again.
Talk about congresswoman Smythe.
Finish the conversation. (1 point)
Leave the office and go to the subway. (1 point)
(181 points so far)

Bethesda Square - 8 points

Go to Bethesda Square.
Analyse the girl standing to the right with the CD player. (2 points)
Pick "no money for upgrade", "comes from a poor family" and "has an attitude".
Analyse the man with the phone on the left. (2 points)
Pick "VIP pass for rally", "arrogant personality", "sex addict: Lap dance before noon" and "likes to appear important".
Go downstairs.
Talk to the guard with the clipboard. (2 points)
Go back up and talk to the girl.
Talk about everything. (2 points)
Exit the area.
(189 points so far)

Malachi's apartment - 7 points

Use the kitchen.
Take the scissor from the knife block. (2 points)
Talk to Walker. He is in the room on the floor with the kitchen. (1 point)
Talk about all topics. (1 points)
Go to Malachi's room on the upper floor.
Open the nightstand.
Take the MP3 player. (2 points)
Take some change from the jar. (1 point)
Go back to the area where Rector's Antiques is.
(196 points so far)

Bethesda Square - 6 points

Give the girl the iPod in return for her distracting the man. (2 points)
While she is distracting him, use the scissors on the man to get his badge. (4 points)
(202 points so far)

Rector's Antiques - 6 points

Buy a newspaper from the newspaper stand. (1 point)
Read the article and look at the picture. (1 point)
Go into your office.
Take the superglue on your desk. (2 points)
Use the superglue with the VIP pass. (2 points)
(208 points so far)

Bethesda Square - 5 points

Call congresswoman Smythe. (2 points)
Use the VIP pass on the guard. (3 points)
(213 points so far)

Malachi's apartment - 2 points

Look in your backpack.
Grab your wallet. (2 points)
Leave the room, and the apartment, and head to Rector's Antiques.
(215 points so far)

Outside Rector's Antiques - 2 points

Cross the street.
Talk to the flower lady and buy something for Gretchen. (2 points)
Enter Cherries on Top.
(217 points so far)

Cherries on Top - 4 points

Give the flower to Gretchen. (2 points)
Finish the conversation. (2 points)
(221 points so far)

Malachi's apartment - 23 points

Go inside your own room and look inside your bag.
Take the grappling hook. (2 points)
Take the knife. (2 points)
Take the jumpropes. (2 points)
Combine the two jumpropes. (1 point)
Combine the jumpropes and the grappling hook. (2 points)
Exit your room and try using the coffee table. (2 points)
Go outside to the balcony and use the coffee table on the balcony outside Malachi's room. You can do this without actually having the table in your inventory; you should have it as a transparent icon in your inventory, though. (2 points)
Use the rope and hook on the balcony. (2 points)
Climb up on the balcony. You want the rope to be close to the center of the table, so if it is not, lean in the direction that will bring it closer to the center. Watch the cutscene. (8 points)
(244 points so far)

Malachi's apartment - 6 points

Switching to Malachi.
Send a message to Dexter. (1 point)
Exit the bedroom and talk to David. After having played as him, I refuse to call him Walker anymore.
Tell him about the panic attacks. (2 points)
Tell him what meds you are using. (3 points)
(250 points so far)

Dexter's office - 6 points

Talk to the security guard and you will get into Dexter's office.
Ask about David Walker. (1 point)
Ask about senator Markham.
Tell Dexter about the attack in Cairo.
Tell him to catch the killers.
Tell him you want to know about FITA first. This will end the chapter, so if you want to ask the other questions, do so first. (5 points)
(256 points so far)

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