Chapter 4: Drowning in the Seine

La Belle Eiffel hotel - 12 points

Analyse the barista. (2 points)
"Style-conscious, but not well-off, probably a student", "participates in extreme sports", "active in sports" and "symbol has meaning to wearer".
Talk to David.
Ask about FITA. (2 points)
Tell him what you know.
Ask about his hometown. (1 point)
Ask about his family. (1 point)
Ask about a girlfriend. (1 point)
Ask about the army.
Ask about how old he was when he joined. (1 point)
Ask why he left. (1 point)
Ask what he studied in college. (1 point)
Ask about jokes until David finds one that makes Malachi chuckle. (1 point)
Pull out your phone and check the files you have.
Read the file on Moebius theory. (1 point)
(268 points so far)

Alfonse's home - 10 points

Look and analyse things. It seems you need to analyse at least two forged antiques. (3 points)
Analyse the butler. (2 points)
"Something in the room is distracting him", "nervous", "subconscious tell - trying to hide something in the room".
Talk to the butler.
Ask about the forged antiques.
Ask to see Caroline's room.
Look at the certificate on top of the bookcase. (1 point)
Look at the bookcase. (1 point)
Look at the magazines. (1 point)
Look at the head, then try using it. (2 points)
(278 points so far)

Bibliotheque Nationale de France - 15 points

Analyse the librarian. (2 points)
"not attracted to me; prefers blonds?", "coffee drinker, low on caffein", "uptight person, rule enforcer", "sexually frustrated", "trying to draw attention to her lips".
Talk to the librarian about all topics.
Use the public computer. (1 point)
Read the first article about Caroline. (3 points)
Read the second article about Caroline. (1 points)
Read the third article about Caroline. (3 points)
Look at the archives. Hmm, you need a password.
Look at the yellow post-it on the librarian's monitor.
Try taking it. (1 point)
Look at the trashcan. (1 point)
Take the empty coffee cup. (2 points)
Look closer at the cup in your inventory. (1 point)
(293 points so far)

La Belle Eiffel hotel - 7 points

Talk to the barista. Buy a cup of coffee. (2 points)
Use cream and sugar.
Put cream in the coffee.
Taste the coffee dregs. (1 point)
Put sugar in the coffee you bought. Taste it and add more sugar.
Use the heart cutter on the coffee. (4 points)
Go back to the library.
(300 points so far)

Bibliotheque Nationale de France - 17 points

Talk to David and ask him to distract the librarian with coffee. (2 points)
Take the yellow post-it on her monitor. So much for password security. (2 points)
Use the computer, and click on Archives.
Enter the password you just stole, "eiffel88". (3 points)
Run a search on Mont Froi. (2 points)
Check the archive delivery to see if your book is there. (3 points)
Go back to the computer and run another search, this time on St. Armand. (2 points)
Pick up the new book. (3 points)
Ask about the catacombs.
(317 points so far)

Alfonse's home - 10 points

Talk to the butler again, about everything. (2 points)
Enter Caroline's room and look at the articles.
Use the date of thedivorce article for the safe. This is Europe, so the code is 200808.
Open the safe. (3 points)
Look at the brochure. (1 point)
Look at the ledger. (3 points)
Read the letter. (1 point)
(327 points so far)

La Chateau Champagne - 18 points

Analyse Caroline. (2 points)
"Very private person", "distrusts men" and "proud, regal".
Talk to Caroline.
Show her the ledger. (2 points)
Ask about her father. (1 point)
Ask about marrying Etienne. (1 point)
Ask about the catacombs.
Finish the conversation by asking all the questions you can. (4 points)
Look at your websearch for cataphiles. (1 point)
Look at Caroline's file and analyse it.
"Engaged for a second time" - not a match
"Father nearly bankrupt" - not a match
"Involved behind-the-scenes in father's business" - match
"First engagement broken off" - not a match
"Parents divorced" - not a match
"Beautiful woman" - match
"Descended on father's side" - match
"Engaged at 19" - match
"Interest in politics" - match
"Degree in economics" - match
She is not Drusilla. (5 points)
Pick up the lantern on the small wall close by the table. (2 points)
(345 points so far)

La Belle Eiffel hotel - 4 points

Talk to David. Fill him in on the investigation. Tell him everything. (1 point)
Analyse David's file.
I ended up with Captain Roderick Butler, King Richard I and St. Armand.
Talk to the barista.
Ask about cataphiles. (2 points)
Leave the hotel. (1 point)
(349 points so far)

Catacombs - 4 points

Click on the catacombs and interact with it.
Enter. (1 point)
Interact with the skulls and shield close to the lantern.
Reshuffle the skulls and bones, so that they read, clockwise, starting from the lower left, "prius mori quam fidem fallere". (3 points)
(353 points so far)

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