Chapter 5: The One

Foyer - 7 points

Watch the opening cutscene. (4 points)
Analyse Gustav. (2 points)
"Sexually manipulative", "subconscious gesture: Greedy personality", "hired for his looks", "aspires above his station".
Talk to Gustav.
Ask about Karl Lorraine.
Ask about the party. (1 point)
Go up the stairs to the left.
(360 points so far)

Upstairs - 1 point

Look at the painting of the two women. (1 point)
Study the painting in the stairway closer. Talk to David.
Sooo, David liked "Ladyhawke". Cute.
Go downstairs again.
(361 points so far)

Foyer - 2 points

Talk to Gustav.
Ask about the portrait.
Ask about Helene.
Ask whether she is older or younger. (2 points)
Enter the library.
(363 points so far)

Library - 4 points

Pick up the calligraphy pen. (2 points)
Analyse Karl. (2 points)
"Is not really interested or engaged in tonight's party", "he's a lonely man" and "suffering from a long-term illness."
Talk to Karl. You need to do this to get the cake later.
Exit the library, then enter the buffet room.
(367 points so far)

Buffet room - 7 points

Analyse Alessandra. (2 points)
"Obsessed with her own appearance", "she's hoping to hear from someone", "she likes to be the center of attention".
Talk to Alessandra.
Ask about her husband.
Ask about political life. (1 point)
Ask about her husband's health. (2 points)
Take some cake. (2 points)
Go back to the library.
(374 points so far)

Library - 7 points

Give the cake to Karl. (2 points)
Ask about their son. (1 point)
Ask about Alessandra.
Ask about beauty awards. (2 points)
Ask about her interests. (1 point)
Ask if she has interest in politics.
Ask about Helene. (1 point)
Go outside to the garden.
(381 points so far)

Garden - 8 points

Look at the statue to the right, and go close to it. It is of Hera.
Take some of the hydrangea at the statue's foot. (2 points)
Go back out, then go left to the statue on the other side, the statue of Hestia.
Take some of the jasmin flowers. (2 points)
Go further up, past the fountain.
Go close to the statue on the right, the one of Aphrodite.
Take some of the roses. (2 points)
Go close to the statue on the left. I hit a bug here that wouldn't let me look closer at it, but I suspect it is Artemis.
Take some of the peonies. (2 points)
Go inside to the buffet room again.
(389 points so far)

Buffet room - 6 points

Talk to David about Alessandra's phone.
Get a glass of wine. (2 points)
Spill wine on Alessandra. (2 points)
Look closer at the phone you nicked. (1 point)
Use Alessandra's phone to answer the message. (1 point)
(395 points so far)

Foyer - 2 points

Ask Gustav about "three gongs". (2 points)
Head up the stairs.
(397 points so far)

Upstairs - 6 points

Take the ribbon on the floor, below the painting. (2 points)
Combine the ribbon and the jasmine. (2 points)
Use the calligraphy pen with the bouquet.
Write "forgive me". (2 points)
(403 points so far)

Library - 2 points

Give Karl a Xanax. (2 points)
(405 points so far)

Buffet room - 5 points

Put the bouquet on the table at the bottom of the buffet room. (5 points)
(410 points so far)

Garden - 9 points

Go to the statue of Aphrodite, upper right. You'll hide automatically and listen in. (4 points)
Look at Alessandra's file and do an analysis. (5 points)
I used the following choices:
"Petty and jealous" - not a match
"having an affair" - not a match
"fashion designer" - match
"beautiful" - match
"son" - match
"not interested in politics" - not a match
"one sibling" - match
"unpopular politics" - match
"husband's bloodline" - match
"wealthy" - match
"lineage" - match
"married at the age of 21" - match
She is not Drusilla.
(419 points so far)

Upstairs - 3 points

Analyse Helene. (2 points)
"Has a classic, timeless style", "intelligent and reserved", "serious, not frivolous", "strong and disciplined, mentally and physically".
Talk to Helene.
Ask if she is going to have an escort at the party. (1 point)
Ask all the questions you can, including the rude one.
(422 points so far)

Foyer - 2 points

There is a white glove on the floor. Pick it up. (2 points)
(424 points so far)

Upstairs - 3 points

Go upstairs and give the glove to Helene.
Apologise, then ask about Karl Lorraine. (3 points)
(427 points so far)

Top floor - 13 points

Go up to the top floor. (2 points)
Look at the painting on the wall above the desk. (1 point)
Look at the trashcan.
Use the flowers to move them. (1 point)
Look at the pregnancy test.
Pick up the pregnancy test. (3 points)
Look at her desk.
Look at the magazine. (1 point)
Look at the planner's right side, where the name Markham is written. (1 point)
Try using her phone. (1 point)
Look at the "3 months" in her planner. (1 point)
Take the yellow sticker on her planner. (2 points)
Exit to the balcony.
(440 points so far)

Balcony - 6 points

Connect your phone to the usb-plug connected to the telescope. (2 point)
Before you move the telescope, take a photo of the constellation it is looking at. (2 points)
Navigate to the coordinates on the yellow sticker.
Take another photo. (2 points)
Go downstairs and into the library.
(446 points so far)

Library - 4 points

Use the first photo you took of the constellation on the astronomy section of the library. (2 points)
Use the second photo you took of the constellation on the astronomy section. (2 points)
(450 points so far)

Top floor - 10 points

Try using the phone again.
Use Cassiopeia as password. (3 points)
Send a text message to Dexter. (2 points)
Analyse Helene Bernadotte's file. (5 points)
The choices I used were all matches.
(460 points so far)

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