Chapter 6: A terrible silence

Dexter's office - 7 points

Ask about David Walker.
Under the Walker subject, ask about why the Warrior is paired with the Savant. (2 points)
Ask about the mole. I think David would have loved Malachi's comment about Dexter trying to think.
Tell Dexter you need to see Markham. (2 points)
Under the Reichart subject, ask about his position at FITA. (1 point)
Ask where Reichart is.
Ask how he can trust Reichart. (2 points)
(467 points so far)

Reichart's office - 23 points

Interact with the display case.
Interact with the picture of his daughter.
While in the close view, look closer at the picture of Alicia. (1 point)
Interact with the picture of his son.
While in close view, look closer at the picture. (2 points)
(It seems you get 1 point for the first child you look at and 2 points for the second.)
Look at the wedding photo by interacting with it.
Look closer at it. (2 points)
Look at the web search for Michael Reichart Marilyn. (3 points)
Look closer at the puzzle box and solve the puzzle. (2 points)
Take the data key. (2 points)
Look at the books to the left of the display case. (1 point)
Look at the degree diploma on the wall. (3 points)
Read the book on cryptology. (1 point)
Look at the file folder on the desk.
Pick it up. (3 points)
Use the data key with the computer. (2 points)
Try a random password. (1 point)
(490 points so far)

Dexter's office - 1 point

Ask about Reichart.
Ask about when he was married.
Ask about his interest in cryptology. (1 point)
(491 points so far)

Rector's Antiques - 24 points

Enter Rector's Antiques.
Enter Malachi's office.
Use the desk.
Look at the newspaper. (1 point)
Look at the web search result for dr Andrew Michael Reichart. (4 points)
Analyse Michael Reichart's file. (5 points)
He is Alastair Denniston.
Now you can also try decrypting the phrase.
The cipher is Caesar, and the key is 1994.
The phrase is "Marilyn's maiden name". (5 points)
Next, encrypt a phrase.
The phrase is "kvner". (5 points)
Talk to Gretchen.
Talk to her about travelling to DC. (2 points)
Ask for news.
Talk about David.
Finish the conversation. (2 points)
(515 points so far)

Reichart's office - 3 points

Log in using "kvner" as password. (2 points)
Look at the file called "mole". (1 point)
(518 points so far)

Malachi's apartment - 3 points

Go to your room and use the rings. (3 points)
Use your suitcase or wardrobe to pack fresh clothes.
(521 points so far)

Markham's office - 18 points

Go to the airport. (1 point)
Go to Markham's office.
Talk to Markham.
Talk to him about the mail about Helene. (1 point)
Ask if he was alone when he read the mail.
Ask to see the mail. (1 point)
Use the switch to the right of the windows to ask him to close the blinds. (2 points)
Use the brain icon with the window to look at his computer screen. (2 points)
Ask about the email again. While Markham is using his computer, use the brain icon with the window again. (2 points)
Ask him to talk to his personal assistant, and ask a question. (2 points)
While he is out, use the computer. Use the code, 1470. (2 points)
Look at the mailbox. (1 point)
Look at the mail, then look at the sent items folder. (4 points)
(539 points so far)

Dominique's apartment - 3 points

Go to Dominique's apartment.
Look at any of the mirrors in the room. (1 point)
Analyse Dominique. (2 points)
"Man-hungry and finds me attractive", "thinks antique jewelry makes her look classy", "has expensive taste".
Talk to her about Markham. I kept answering what I suspected she wanted to hear.
If you want to avoid annoying her, agree with her that sex is a promise.
(542 points so far)

Rector's Antiques and surroundings - 4 points

Return to Manhattan and Rector's Antiques.
Pick up the earrings on the low table across from Gretchen's desk. (2 points)
Exit the store, and cross the street.
Enter the Cherries on Top.
Talk to the bartender to the right. (2 points)
(546 points so far)

Dominique's apartment - 30 points

Return to Dominique's apartment.
You will give her the whisky automatically. (2 points)
You will give her the earrings automatically. (2 points)
Suggest a drink, and while Dominique is getting the drinks, check the contents of the side table.
Look at the letter. (1 point)
Look at the photo. (1 point)
Ask about the hospital. Ok, I must admit I did not expect that. (1 point)
Ask about her parents. (1 point)
Ask about the collegue boyfriend. (1 point)
Tell her she must be angry. (1 point)
Ask about Angela Martin. (1 point)
Break off the conversation, and analyse her file. (5 points)
She is Medea.
After analysing her, talk to her again, and she will suggest you talk to her alone. Malachi will mention the bedroom. (5 point)
Really, though, when a woman invites you to her bedroom, "We'll be back in a moment" is perhaps not the appropriate comment.
Do not try to kiss her. At least not without saving first.
Interact with the manicure set on the dresser.
Take the scissors. (2 points)
Lock the door. (1 point)
Save the game, just in case you forgot something important.
Use the scissors on Dominique, then watch the cutscene. (6 points)
(576 points so far)

Carter's home - 19 points

Before going in, check the web search for info on Carter. (2 points)
Talk to Carter.
You still need some more information about him.
Analyse Carter. (3 points)
"Proud and intelligent", "accustomed to having command of a room.", "pool is a metaphor".
Interact with the wedding photos on the wall.
Analyse the wedding photo.
Look at the web search result for Douglas Wilde Carter's daughter. (2 points)
Interact with the pictures above the pool cues.
Analyse the pictures of Carter with various political leaders. (1 point)
Analyse the rank pins, between the photos of political leaders. (1 point)
Analyse Carter's file. (5 points)
He is Richard Neville.
Ask for David only. (3 points)
(Asking for David and money will land you 2 points)
Give him the data key. (2 points)
(595 points so far)

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