Chapter 7: Finding the light

Military camp - 24 points

Look at the web search on Qatar fortress. (1 point)
Interact with the guarded truck on your left.
Try picking up a grenade.
Talk to the soldier guarding the truck on the left.
Ask if you can have a flashlight. (2 points)
Ask the guard about the tunnels. (2 points)
On the right, there is an unguarded truck. Use the flashlight on it.
Take a flashbang. (2 points)
Use a flashbang on the tent. (2 points)
Interact with the earlier guarded truck.
Take a grenade. (2 points)
Go back to the unguarded truck.
Take another flashbang. (2 points)
Behind the truck there are some rocks. Use the flashlight on them. (2 points)
Try opening the grate.
Use the grenade with the grate. (2 points)
Use the second flashbang with the tent. (2 points)
Use the remote. Press the button when the flashbang counter hits zero. (2 points)
Now you can go back and enter the tunnels. (3 points)
(619 points so far)

Prison cell - 15 points

Look at everything.
Talk to Helene.
Talk about her baby. (2 points)
Talk about the guard. (2 points)
Interact with the door. (1 point)
Attack the guard. (2 points)
Search the guard.
Take the keys in his belt. (2 points)
Take the gun from the floor. (2 points)
Interact with the door to leave the cell. (1 point)
Use the keys to lock the cell door. (1 point)
Look at the gate.
Use the keys to unlock the gate. (1 point)
Open the gate. (1 point)
(634 points so far)

Underground tunnels - 14 points

Take the torch by the ladder. (2 points)
Go to the exit up at the back of the room.
From there, go left, up, up, up, left, left, down.
Take the rope. (2 points)
Look at the constellation. (1 point)
Left, up. You will shoot the guard automatically. (1 point)
Left, down.
Use the rope on the wooden supports. (5 points)
Down, down at the constellation, down, left, left at the constellation, left, left, up, up up, left at the constellation, left, up at the constellation, up. (3 points)
(648 points so far)

Tunnels as Malachi - 13 points

Go right and look at the constellation.
Right, up, up, right.
Take the pickaxe. (2 points)
Down, down, down.
Look at the wall, then try using the pickaxe on it.
Use the mining cart. (2 points)
Climb up on the mining cart.
Use the pickaxe on the wall. (2 points)
Climb the wall. (2 points)
Down, down, right, right, right, down, down, right, up, up, right, right. (5 points)
(661 points so far)

Tunnels with all three - 17 points

I just went up, then wandered around at random until the cutscene.
Pick the right pictures: (5 points)
Man sitting in a stone cell.
Man standing in a cave.
Man with manacles drowning.
Someone opening a hatch above him.
Someone running in a tunnel.
Man hanging in manacles on a wall.
Work your way towards the circle on the map. (2 points)
Pick up the ladder. (5 points) Use the rope with Malachi. (5 points)
(678 points total)

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